Monday, March 23, 2009


Staying connected and keeping meaningful relationships are important to all of us, even when our families are based in other countries. The easiest and most effective way to do this is though phone calls and text messages. But many of us find it difficult to initiate overseas communication because of the expensive costs of IDD calls and international texts. Realizing our need for more affordable and convenient means to call our loved ones abroad, Sun Cellular launches the new Sun Call & Text International SIM.

Sun Call & Text International SIM is the 1st prepaid SIM in the market that offers superb values for international calling and messaging. With this feature-packed SIM, we can now text our loved ones abroad as often as we want for only P1 per text! This unbelievable rate applies to 20 countries including the US Main, Canada, UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan.

Sun Call & Text International SIM gives us the most affordable Sun IDD call rates. Now we can call more and talk longer for only $0.10 per minute. That’s less than P5 per minute for calls to 10 countries that include the US Main, Canada, China, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

IDD calls to Saudi Arabia, UAE, Japan, Australia, India and 15 other countries are also very affordable at only $0.20 per minute. This special rate is initially available for Sun Call & Text International SIM subscribers. Sun’s regular IDD rate to call over 100 countries is $0.30 per minute.

Sun Call & Text International SIM comes preloaded with FREE 5 minutes of IDD10, and FREE International Texts. It can be used to make local calls and texts anytime, which means we continue to enjoy Sun Cellular’s unlimited and value-added services.

With Sun Cellular, calling abroad is truly hassle-free. No need to buy special loads. No registration required. No access codes to dial. And no promo periods to worry about.

Get the new Sun Call & Text International SIM now! Visit The Sun Shop or retail outlet nearest you. For more information, just dial 395-8000 from your landline or 200 from your Sun mobile phone.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

An Open Invitation To All PR Companies In The Philippines

This blog welcomes submissions of press releases. If you want free Internet exposure for your pr efforts just send them over. I'd be happy to post them. Just make sure to include a brief profile of your PR company and of course your contact details.

You may send your releases to Add in the subject box the phrase: blogful of press releases.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chili Peppers Add Fun And Flavor To Greenbelt 5

(sent by Raquel G. Hizon)

Chili’s is all set to conquer Greenbelt 5!

Opening on the last week of January 2009 at the 2nd level of the newest addition to the flagship Ayala mall, Chili’s vows to continue giving diners the great food and good service its always been know for, while providing fresher and more flavorful options.

This 160-seater restaurant sports the new, contemporary look of Chili’s restaurants worldwide. The more modern look starts with a white fa├žade emblazoned with the familiar Chili’s logo impressed upon brick-red walls flown in from the States. The wooden green doorway serves as the “gateway” to the dining area, highlighted by stone-finished tables, granite countertops and comfortable booths and chairs. The familiar Chili’s red hue is made more upbeat and cheery played up with bright blue splashes. Modish drop light fixtures, stainless steel railings and the signature giant red pepper hanging from the ceiling are also some of the features of the dining area.

A large wrap-around outdoor dining patio area affords diners with fantastic views of the Makati skyline and provides a great place to hang out and enjoy the cool breeze.

Chili’s Greenbelt 5 boasts of a bigger and more modern Margarita Bar as well, serving premium frozen, flavored, and distinctive hand-shaken Margaritas.

More polished, less kitsch. While it welcomes change and continually reinvents itself to please its guests, Chili’s continues to bring in familiar flavors, friendly and efficient service and a fun dining experience. Diners can expect consistently fresh and flavorful American Southwestern comfort food such as Big Mouth Burgers, premium Fire-Grilled Steaks and Sizzling Fajitas, not to mention the sinful Molten Chocolate Cake which Chili’s is known for.

It also has FREE Wi-Fi internet connection (no minimum purchase required). If you prefer to have your food delivered you may call 729-3022 up to 23 for those living in the Makati area only.

Other Chili’s branches are located in Northeast Greenhills in San Juan and in Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Mobile Phone Subscribers Cope With real, Everyday Challenges With Better Solutions To Get Connected

(sent by Raquel G. Hizon)

The mobile phone has evolved into a practical device crucial in performing everyday tasks. Aside from the usual calling and texting functions, the latest mobile phones have become multi-media devices, portable music players, gaming machines and on-the-go computers.

Majority of cellphone users however are those who stick to its practical use—for calling and sending text messages. And these are the people who have to find the right mobile network provider that could help them get the most of their money’s worth.

Students, for instance have to make ends meet to cover expenses for transportation, meals and school projects. And because it is important to communicate with classmates to get updates about schedules and assignments as well as personal pursuits to break the monotony of student life, cellphone expenses eat up a chunk of their allowance. “I was having a hard time budgeting my allowance,” says 20-year-old Chelsy Wingkee, a Corporate Communication student at St. Paul University.

Another example is Jacqueline Maniquis, wife, mother and a busy entrepreneur. “As an entrepreneur, I look for ways to cut down on operational expenses. With numerous business calls to make and a family that is always on the go, my phone bills easily escalate,” she says.

With these everyday realities, one telecom company stands out by offering reliable yet pocket-friendly solutions to everyone’s communication needs – Sun Cellular.

Sun Cellular’s 24/7 Call and Text Unlimited (CTU) remains the company’s most popular service. Students prefer it because it gives them the best deal. “Sun offers a wide variety of services that suit the needs of its subscribers. Kapag kailangan ng mahabang text at tawag, mag-unli call ka; if you don’t have a lot of money, they have as low as 10-peso electronic load. Until now, everytime I load Unli na P25, I can’t believe that I can enjoy non-stop calling and texting,” Wingkee enthuses.